Recent Added Judgments

Suman Vs State of Haryana and Ors

Punjab & Haryana HC

The woman who remarries after the death of her husband is not entitled to receive widow pension
Dharmesh Vasantrai Shah Vs Renuka Prakash Tiwari

Bombay HC

Mother has an indefeasible legal right to natural guardianship vis-à-vis an illegitimate child
Pradeep Kumar Srivastava and Ors Vs Vishal Singh and Ors

Allahabad HC

Suppression of material facts is not advocacy
Sanjay Damodar Kale Vs Kalyani Sanjay Kale and Anr

Bombay HC

Wife entitled to maintenance even if she runs a business and earns
Amarjit Kaur and others Vs Jaswinder Kaur and another

Punjab and Haryana HC

'Disgruntled' Wives Using Section 498A IPC As A Weapon To Harass Relatives Of Husband
Deepti Kapur Vs Kunal Julka

Delhi HC

Evidence collected in breach of Right To Privacy alone doesn't make it inadmissible
Rakesh B Vs State of Karnataka

Karnataka HC, Bengaluru Bench

On rape complainant claiming to have slept after offence, HC opined "Not the way our women react when they are ravished", allowing pre-arrest bail to the accused
Bhaskar Das Vs Renu Das

Gauhati HC

Wife forcing husband to separate from his parents is cruelty
Kavita Kanwar Vs Pamela Mehta

Supreme Court

Unfair disposition or unjust exclusion of legal heirs in a will can be regarded as a suspicious circumstance
Major Amit Kumar Mishra Vs Union of India and others

The Armed Forces Tribunal, Regional Bench, Chandigarh

Deciding on maintenance to spouses not under army’s jurisdiction
Vishal Singh Vs Priya

Delhi HC

Adultery can only be committed after marriage, allegation of having relationship before marriage cannot be a ground of adultery
Rajani B Somkuwar Vs Sarita Somkuwar

Bombay HC

If children cannot take care of their parents and allow them to live in peace, they atleast ought not to make their life a living hell - Court sternly warns daughter to not harass mother physically & mentally
Ranjith PC Vs Asha Nair P

Kerala HC

Persistent effort of wife to separate husband from family amounts to cruelty - Making daughter-in-law do housework not unusual
Miss G vs State of NCT of Delhi and Anr

Delhi HC

Trial courts bound to hear victim of sexual offence before granting bail to accused
Venkatesh Narasimhan vs V Sujatha

Delhi HC

Case: What would amount to cruel behaviour on part of one spouse to utter detriment of other

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