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3rd UP State Meet on Men's Issues

Since the inception of Save Indian Family Movement (SIF), activists around the country has constantly been trying to have maximum awareness in society, against the prevalent gender bias in society and laws. For this, founders of the movement started promoting members in all city chapters to organise weekly meetings, the objective was to somehow unlock the inherent potential of activism in various chapters. In last about 14 years, SIF has gained strength and is successfully organising weekly meetings in around 40 locations across the length and breadth of the country. Now we proudly say that help and guidance to any victim of gender bias in India are within easy reach, not only as a call on SIF-One (8882-498-498) but physically too at the nearest weekly meeting location.

In order to have proper and systematic interaction amongst various SIF chapters, SIF started organising annual National Meet.

After the launch of SIF-One and it's very successfully running for more than a couple of years now, baffled by the way new painful stories of victim families of gender bias are cropping up daily, it has become all the more important to somehow make sure that assistance is available to every innocent soul. Because when prevailing gender bias in society hammers someone especially in the shape of false and fake cases of gender biased laws, it destroys innocent lives and their families.

Both our formats of meetings, viz. weekly chapter meetings and annual National Meet, are sufficiently catering to the needs of activism at hand, but still, we realised that something new needs to be done considering the new challenges cropping up. Our weekly city wise chapter meetings are still far of for few victims in desperate need and our annual National Meet isn't feasible to all activists across the country. To have an intermediatory, in our National Meet held at Mumbai in 2015, it was decided to organise state level meets in all states, with an idea to bring all activists of state on a single platform, so that they can interact and promote activism in their respective chapters, promote new chapters coming up and thereby make assistance accessible to victims, as near as possible.

PPKS accompanied by Daaman Welfare Society, torch bearers of Men's rights in UP organised 1st UP and neighbouring states' State Meet in Lucknow in 2016, which got a wonderful response and was participated in by activists from few other states too. It helped promote new chapters and activism. Encouraged by first state meet's success, in 2017 Daaman Welfare Society organised 2nd UP and neighbouring states' State Meet in Kanpur, which too got wonderful and very encouraging response and participants in the meet varied from around 7 states. This year, as a step to encourage up coming brother chapters of Save Indian Family Movement, SIF-Agra is organizing 3rd UP and neighbouring states’ State Meet in Agra.

Date: 28th April, 2018

Venue: Youth Hostel, Sanjay Place, Civil Lines, Agra

Time: 10AM to 5PM

Registration fee: Rs. 400/- only

We welcome all the participants and let's hope for yet another consecutive, wonderful and successful meet.

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