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Woman created ruckus to meet 'handsome' SP Vs. A boy tries selfie with DM: Similar situation

A 27-year-old Punjab woman has travelled over 1,200 km to meet 34-year-old Ujjain SP Sachin Atulkar because of his looks. "The woman said she was fascinated by the ripped body and the looks of the SP after seeing his pictures on social media, we have called her parents here, but she is not ready to return with them" police said. She threatened to jump off the train when they tried to send her back.

Women police station in-charge Rekha Verma said, “She was trying to meet the SP at his office and at programmes which he attended. She is very adamant. Police finally took her to the department’s One Stop Reform Home.”

“Police took her to Nagda railway station to put her on a Punjab-bound train, but she threatened to jump off the train. We are trying to persuade her through counsellors. We are fulfilling her food demands, pizza and other things she asks for,” Verma said.

Similar situations, biased treatments

What if a man has done this for a female officer?

In February 2016, an 18-year-old Faraz Ahmad was arrested and was in jail for 3 days. His fault, in enthusiasm to click a selfie with then District Magistrate Bulandshahr (in UP) B Chandrakala, tad came too close for her liking. It all ended with Ahmad being sent to jail, with a reprimand from the DM who said that apart from being the district magistrate she was also a woman and that a woman’s dignity should be "respected by one and all".

DM Chandrakala said the youth should have kept in mind that she was not only an official but also a woman. “A woman has her own dignity, which should be respected by one and all...... One needs to behave responsibly and must in no way hamper freedom of work for women".

Don't men have any dignity?

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