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Satyagrah for Men – National protest for Men’s Commission

Satyagrah for Men – National protest for Men’s Commission

Daaman Welfare Society is a non-profit, self-funded, self-supported volunteer based registered NGOs and is a part of a conglomerate of about 50 NGO’s across India under the aegis of “Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement”, the men’s rights movement of India.

Observing the rising male suicides (91000+ male suicides per year), number of gender based laws jailing men, no concrete policies for men’s health including lack of prostate cancer awareness, low life expectancy of men, complete and blatant ignore from Child Ministry towards boys, unaddressed and ignored crimes of Male rape / Male victims of Domestic Violence & Marital Cruelty, High School Drop-Out rate of boys, Sexual abuse of boys by women, No representation of Men in any law or policy making process of India, Gender biased Budgeting of India and a plethora of issues related to welfare of men & boys, which have always been ignored by the governments and the society at large, Daaman and all their associate NGO’s under SIF, have been demanding the formation of a National Commission for Men for long.

Male Vote Bank has grown over years and with the continuous gender based appeasement of Indian Political Parties, Male Vote Bank is now looking at options and keenly watching all the Political Parties Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2019, on their focus towards Men and their concerns. Male Vote Bank and its effect is now already visible in Parliament of India as well when many MPs have observed this huge under-current of Male Vote Bank coming in forefront now.

Inspite of our various memorandums to the Government and various meetings with the Political parties, our demands for National Commission for Men seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

'Satyagrah For Men' 3rd Mar 2019, Jantar- Mantar, New Delhi

National leaders, activists and volunteers of the SIF Movement are gathering for peaceful protest at Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi on the 3rd of March 2019 (Sunday) for the biggest rally ever (anywhere in the world) for the cause of men.

Men’s rights leaders of India from across the globe and other Male Voters, tired of political apathy towards men are joining in large numbers sending out a clear message to the government and political parties to take stock of the demands and act upon it further.

This protest will demand National Commission for Men from the Government of India. In addition to this, the protest will also be against every gender biased law of India, which had been made, in absence of any Men’s Commission recommendations. As a result of a biased Law Making process, India is sitting on a Landmine of Easiest to Misuse Dowry, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual harassment, Workplace Harassment, POCSO laws.

#MeToo ends at “Shamshaan” & “Pind-daan”, 2nd Mar 2019, Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi

#MeToo, the movement, which has given birth to “Digital Mob Lynching” in India, has already died in the countries from where it originated. With the highest percentage of falsity, with absolute anonymity, this movement has started a new and dangerous era of mob mentality with no responsibility. The movement has seen devastation of lives, career, honor and dignity of many men.

Saving the society from this evil MeToo, 2nd of March 2019, Daaman along with men’s rights activists from various NGO’s of Save Indian Family Movement from across India are doing the last rites of this evil movement in Delhi. We will perform the last rites of already dead #MeToo by taking it’s Shavyatra to the Shamshaan ghat at 2PM at Kalinidi Kunj, Delhi, followed by Pind-Daan of #MeToo.

Those present for the press conference are Anupam Dubey, Manish Shrivastava, Dheeraj Rajpal and Gaurav Bhattacharjee etc.

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