Weekly meetings and their importance.

January 1, 2016

Victim of gender biased laws…

  1. Because of on going gender bias in society and laws, you have been betrayed by the person whom you trusted most.

  2. Whenever you go to police, they also extort money from you.

  3. People whom you trusted, cheated you.

  4. Most of you cannot tell what happened in your life even to your colleagues.

  5. Everyone in society only suggests to surrender and compromise without understanding the fact that compromising in such situations is like as if you’ve been asked to kiss the person who has his feet on your throat.

  6. You are humiliated, you feel cheated, you feel betrayed, and you feel your life is spoiled when you see normal people enjoying their life, shopping, playing with their kids in the park, who enjoy latest blockbusters.

  7. You are puzzled as to how it can happen to you because you had never done any harm to anyone.

  8. You are thinking, how much lawyer will charge you for the next hearing.

Why victims must attend weekly meetings?



  1. Weekly meeting are conducted for the benefit of victims.

  2. Most of the organizers of the meetings themselves at some point of time were/are victims.

  3. If by money you can solve the problem then by this time you could have solved the problem.

  4. Because a victim cannot discuss his problems even to his close friends because being brought up in misandric society, it’s not likely that they will understand victim’s problems and also they will not understand the legal complications. They may not even have gone through the humiliation, harassment and torture of a police station.

  5. To develop friends in the meeting so that one or two friends are completely aware of your case and can advice you accordingly.

  6. To develop emergency backup.

  7. To know what is happening in others case and learn from their experience.

  8. To know what kind of judgment your judge is passing and fine tune your case/argument accordingly.

  9. To know latest judgments and other related news.

  10. To participate in letter campaign and other protest activities.

  11. To develop support structure.

  12. Share each other’s knowledge and experience

  13. To be in a group. Remember a group is more powerful than individual. A group voice is heard by media, police and even by government.

  14. You can learn many counter fight technique like.

  15. You can benefit from special sessions in the meetings.

  16. You have a platform to fight injustice done to you.

  17. Just by virtue of attending weekly meetings, you enhance your confidence.

  18. Due to meeting you will get opportunity to interact with judges and media with whom you can share you pain and sorrow.

  19. There are many senior members in the group who have much more knowledge and experience than the lawyers.

  20. By participating in the weekly meeting you can do social service by helping others.

  21. Can have company in Court hall in a envy environment.

  22. In weekly meetings you have people who 'listen to you too, else none is bothered in the world to listen to you.


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