SFF & MWT would be participating in the upcoming 'Airtel Delhi Half Marathon' on 21 October 2018.

September 26, 2018



Volunteers of Save Family Foundation (SFF) & Men Welfare Trust (MWT), the Delhi chapters of the Save Indian Family Movement would be participating in the upcoming Airtel Delhi Marathon 2018 (ADHM) in Great Delhi Run Category (6kms) on 21 October 2018. All Activists who wish to be part of this grandest presence of Men's Rights in this public event (ADHM gets over 40000 runners and equivalent onlookers). Entry charges per runner are INR 650 and one can register on the link below:




The last date of registration for the 6k race is 28 sep 2018. Once you have registered, please share your registration confirmation success to Sachin Jain (9873098687) or Saurabh Singh (8744000813) for registration.

Time to bring to the streets of Delhi, the ever ignored issues of rising male suicides, misuse of genderbased laws, men's health etc and raise some noise for the need of Men's Commission in India.

So people in and around Delhi-NCR must come forward and join the cause.

28 Sep is the last date for online registration.





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