About Us

Daaman Welfare Society & Trust are men's rights group in India operating under the aegis of the Save Indian Family Movement. Both of Daaman organisations are registered, non-funded, non-profit, non-governmental organization working with various other like-minded brother-NGOs in India and abroad.


We live in a gynocentric society that rushes to help women who claim to be in distress, but that very society ridicules men making the same claim. This is the inherent gender bias we witness even in our daily routine lives. Realising this, Daaman associates men who are victims of gender bias and try to be the catalyst to bring changes in their lives.


To achieve this, Daaman organizes programs, events, protests to spread awareness about the issues and problems faced by men and encourage them to speak-up against the harassment they are showered with. Daaman organizes awareness campaigns to end Discrimination amongst male gender across society and age-groups.


We organize weekly meetings where we have provided brotherhood support to numerous men and families in distress who have been victims of false cases of gender-biased and wrong laws like IPC 498-A, rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence and other cases of similar nature.


Being a social animal, it’s our moral responsibility to give respect to both the genders and provide equal rights to all, since no society, be it in humans or animals, is complete if anyone gender is discriminated against. Daaman is a group formulated not only to help men but also to educate society to understand the basic concept of true gender equality, focusing to bring harmony in families and to safeguard the social fabric, which has deteriorated to a large extent because of the ongoing hollow feminism.

Daaman supports and is permanently affiliated to the Save Indian Family Movement, a conglomeration of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to the cause of Men’s Rights. To know more about the Save Indian Family Movement (SIF / SIFM) visit www.saveindianfamily.in


Daaman categorically denies any affiliation or association with any other organization, especially organizations having similar sounding names such as the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF).  Any attempt by any such organization or individuals to project as being associated with/to Daaman in any way should be viewed as attempts to estoppel. Such attempts are viewed seriously by Daaman and may have legal consequences.


Any person dealing with such estoppels claiming false association to Daaman in any manner shall be solely responsible for his or her acts. Daaman shall not be liable for any consequences arising therefrom such dealings.