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muslim women protection of pights on marriage applicable against husband not in laws

Provisions of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 are applicable only against husband and not in-laws

wife not eligible medical examination whether conceive during divorce proceedings

Wife not eligible for medical examination of whether she can conceive or not during Divorce proceedings

exception remedy custody under domestic violence act 482 CrPC petition in view of 29 DV Act

No exception to remedy against orders of custody under Domestic Violence Act”: Court dismisses S. 482 CrPC petition in view of S. 29 DV Act

accused plausible defence 313 CrPC burden prosecution negate

Once accused makes a plausible defence u/s 313 CrPC, burden is on the prosecution to negate it

man innocent until tried found guilty inappropriate refuse bail taste imprisonment lesson

Every man is innocent until duly tried and found guilty! It would be inappropriate to refuse bail simply to give him a taste of imprisonment as a lesson.

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