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Daaman Newsletter

Daaman is committed to spread awareness and fight against prevailing gender bias against men in society and laws.

Daaman Newsletter

Continuing with our efforts for creating social awareness for true gender equality, Daaman has started a Weekly Newsletter for which it invites individuals and organizations to share blogs, creatives (graphics, poster, banners etc.), success stories, achievements, news and announcements that somehow relate to men's issues, for distribution and circulation through Daaman Newsletter.

The news is our major thrust -- the more current and Indian, the better. When sending news to Daaman, please provide the source and text of the original item by e-mail. News should clearly relate to the men's issues.

For announcements, events, creatives, success stories and achievements, please prepare a short summary of the subject and provide a URL to a web page with details by email at

Acceptable subjects for announcements, events, and campaigns include any and all that can contribute something to the movement in any form.

Thanking you,

Team Daaman

Our published newsletters are available here.

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