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Sujit, you will be missed...

Vaastav Foundation lost one of it's volunteers Sujit Salve last Sunday. He suffered a heart attack at midnight and passed away.

He used to participate in all activities and even on the last day he attended the weekly meeting. It's a shock for all of us for him to have passed away at this young age and his family said he would discuss Men's Rights and Vaastav Foundation at length at home. He was last known to have inquired about part-time jobs to meet litigation expenses and was stressed because of the same.

Very unfortunate that the family has to go through this for no fault of theirs.

We would like to take this occasion to emphasise some points which are well within our control, that we are never in such trouble that we cannot overcome with a cool and articulate mind and with a good support system in place, whether it be our immediate family or an extended family of like-minded guys, for instance, Save Indian Family Movement.

As the sayings go "Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise" and most importantly "Anything which does kill you, makes you stronger".

So the most important thing for us is to find avenues and ways to stay alive and think straight and execute well thought out plans.

It is now incumbent upon us to somehow treat this men's health issues due to unmanaged stress.

Meditation and/or yoga, and regular health checkups should be introduced to our groups on an urgent basis since the path has to finally emerge from within and for that, we should be calm enough to assess the situation and the life-lessons they present.

Let's make ourselves strong from within first, the rest will follow. Let's make the most of our "Opportunities" ... Since rough seas make tough sailors and we need tough sailors galore to bring the change we all want to see around us!.

Let's turn inwards to clearly and comprehensively see what's needed, for us to build a better world for all.

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