Bhiwadi Gang rape Reality exposed: Woman who Honey Trapped, arrested!

Five innocent businessmen of Karol Bagh, Delhi were called for a land deal and were framed in a false gang-rape case. Rupees 10 crores were demanded to withdraw the case, the deal got struck in 2.5 crores and families of the accused paid a part of it as all 5 men were in jail since over a month and there were no chances of they getting out of this any sooner.

The woman who was at the helm of planning this extortion has been nabbed now and taken into custody.

Will Mrs. Maneka Gandhi care to come forward and demand justice for the innocents?

Do the likes of Republic, Times now, India Today, CNN, Zee News, Aaj Tak have the guts to take this up in prime-time debate and show the world the other side of the coin and demand the harshest punishment for this criminal conspirator?

#FakeCases #FakeRape #FakeGangRape #SaveMen #HollowWomenEmpowerment #WomenEmpowerment

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