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Udaipur man blows himself up. Reason: Marital Discord

Udaipur man blows himself up. Reason: Marital Discord

An Udaipur man blew himself up with a detonator used for mining blasts on Saturday after his wife left him to stay with her parents, the police said. The couple had been fighting for the better part of a week.

"He did this as he was depressed over marital discord with his wife. Further investigation is going on," said Bhavani Singh Rajavat, a local police official. The incident occurred in Baleecha, located in Udaipur district.

But how did Vinod Meena get hold of a detonator in the first place?

It turns out that he used to be involved in mining operations. He brought home a detonator from a mine, tied it to himself and set it off outside his house, blowing himself into pieces. It was all caught on camera; CCTV equipment was installed in a nearby tent godown.

The blast could have been even more devastating if it had occurred inside Meena's home. There were other houses nearby.

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