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Why is this time the best time of my life?

Why is this time the best time of my life?

Life takes a u-turn and I am on the right highway

Unlucky, Sad, Unfortunate, Sympathy, Anger, Shit happens .......... these are few words/emotions that I hear from the world around me.

Everyone is pouring loads of crocodile tears on me and I am just taking a royal bath in that saline water! Am I a victim and your saline water is good to me? No, I am a commando and your Saline water is like "piss" to me.

When I got my first summon from the Indian Courts, I have had a great family outing and we enjoyed. Are we insane? Probably not.

We enjoyed, "Great, it has started."

The feeling of finding the head of snake only a wildlife photographer can understand who has spent month and weeks in rain forests waiting / searching for the snake. Now, since I have got the snake's head, I would click the complete snake soon and my job is done, the search is over1

Isn't this the same feeling that all of us should have?

Few of the victims thought, when will I have "normal" life?

This brings me to a very important thought, 'what is normal life'?

Is this the definition of the Normal life:

  • When your friend calls you for an outing in the evening, you call your wife who reminds you of the dinner that you had promised to her last week?

  • When the friend calls again, you make the weirdest of reason on why can’t you come and both of you understand what the reality is.

  • When you are busy with a meeting at office late in the evening, you suddenly get a sms, "Where are you?" Yes the SMS is from the number that you got as a feeling of togetherness of "Marriage".

  • When Virat Kohli is firing in last over with blazes and suddenly your TV changes the scene to a "cookery show" as the reminder was set in it as part of "togetherness of marriage"?

  • When you go for a "couple holiday", you have to change the resort you booked as the bathrooms were not to "Her" liking?

  • When you are driving your car, you pick the call and you get caught for mobile driving. The Police officer signals you to pull down your window and you tell him, "sir, important call from home" and he tells you back, "ohh your wife, then finish the call first" and then you and traffic police are quiet till you finish your call and challan only after that.

  • When you are looking at the belt you need to purchase as an option to your existing office belt and you hear "Baby, look at this dress. How does it look at me. Do I look fat in it?"

So with above few, our so called sympathizer's "normal" life, I wonder what is our life?

So, the life we are having, is it good "enough" or is it the best?

  • My friend calls me, "how about 1 day trip to X place". I tell him, "what time we leave?"

  • I am in office and no annoying, explanation asking calls to bother.

  • I am watching TV and watching what I watch and not forced to watch my watch.

  • I get a call while driving and I tell the caller, "I am driving and I will call you back". I save my, other's life and my challan money too.

  • I get my salary and I dont start subtracting "shopping expenses".

Now all of the above are figments of "fiction" as society percieves marriage for everyone else except themselves.

Coming to few harsh realities now.

What is wrong with my current life?

  • I have cases?

  • I am going to Indian Courts?

  • I am under pressure to settle?

  • I am under threat of conviction?

  • I am at mercy of low IQ law business?

  • I dont have a wife?

  • I am a man and I am termed a Criminal?

Lets take all the above One by One:

Percieved Wrong 1: I have cases?

Good About It: So what? Each year there are 3L cases like mine of about 70L marriages done each year (including second / third ..... / fith / ..... nth marriage).

Percieved Wrong 2: I am going to Indian Courts?

Good About It: With all my efforts till date to study hard, get good job and excel in my job, I missed out on the very basic of living in any country, i.e. learning the Law of the country. Cool, I am doing it now. I learn, I experience in Court, I am on an on-job training without paying anyone to have that knowledge. Traveling was as it is my favorite hobby. I am filling up for it big-time now. Enjoying every moment of it. I always loved talking to unknown people and interacting with new people. Travel to court gives me all that opportunity. And guess what, now I have an Opinion. I can stand up against many. I can call a spade as spade. I can mouths go shut with legal acumen (even make lawyers shut their mouths). My confidence is just getting better without leaving my humbleness.

Percieved Wrong 3: I am under pressure to settle?

Good About It: I just love pressure because that makes me active, that makes me think, that makes me work, that gives me the feeling of contentment of achieving something. Settlement? Why? And first, who said I am not settled? I am not in the doldrums of a threatening marriage, I am not contemplating suicide for marrying a wrong girl, who said I am not settled? Is my JOB on earth ONLY to give “legitimate children”? Is my JOB on earth to get married only? Sorry people, I am here to do what I think I should do and not what others feel what I should do. Why should I marry? What am I missing in my life? Yes, I am missing an abusive wife, I am missing a life of depression, I am missing a life of self-centered living where your wife is earth and you keep rotating around her like moon, I am missing someone telling me what should I wear, whom should I talk to and what should I talk, I am missing all the directions which show me that I am a SLAVE. So uncles / aunties / friends / parents / kins, I am settled and in far far better than situation than “living and dying for someone else”.

Percieved Wrong 4: I am under threat of conviction?

Good About It: Laughable conviction rates of these cases. I fight properly, and ensure that my case becomes a citation for a lot of others!! I set examples for others to take benefit. And what do I get? If my case becomes a citation, obviously, first one who got benefit from it is ME.

Percieved Wrong 5: I am at mercy of low IQ law business?

Good About It: Since, I have probably got slightly higher IQ, what they learned in 3 years, I can learn that in 3 months. Whats’ missing? Intent. Intent? Now I have the reason damn it!! And I do know how to take “benefit of ignorance”. Let the lawyer be in seating seat, but steering is in my hand.

Percieved Wrong 6: I dont have a wife?

Good About It: WoW ........ just love this. Living with an abusive wife? LIFE? Living with a controlling wife? LIFE? Living with a abnormal wife? LIFE? Living with an adulterous wife? LIFE? Simple question. Since, most of us have had "shaadi ka laddoo", honestly, was the "marital bliss" good of "bachelorhood"? If you dint think twice before picking the second option, man, you are already in second option. So Enjoy.

Percieved Wrong 7: I am a man and I am termed a Criminal?

Good About It:










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