First Ever Postal Stamp on Men’s Rights Organization in India

First Ever Postal Stamp on Men’s Rights Organization in India

It was indeed a moment of pride for the nation when the first ever postal stamp on any Men’s Rights Organization in India was released in the divine city of Varanasi. The stamp release event was part of the three day National Conference on Men’s Rights which was organized by the Save Indian Family (SIF), the umbrella organization of Men’s Rights Activists (MRA) and various men’s rights organizations in India.

Wasif Ali and Anupam Dubey releasing first ever Postal Stamp on Men’s Rights Organization in India

Veteran MRA Amartya Talukdar of Hridaya Nest, West Bengal took this initiative to get the stamp developed for the movement. Wasif Ali of Save Family Foundation, Delhi and Anupam Dubey of Daaman Welfare Society, Kanpur released the stamp. The stamp in the denomination of Rs. 5 and has the logo of the Save Indian Family printed on it.

On the occasion Anupam Dubey stated that it is a well thought of move. We are only in the 10th National Conference. Despite having no government support we have been taking small steps forward due the enthusiasm of our activists. The stamp is also an enthusiastic step forward which shall go a long way in motivating us to do more for the cause. In so less time people are approaching us from all parts of the country.

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