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CCTV footage saves innocent lecturer from disgrace

CCTV footage saves innocent lecturer from disgrace

CCTV cameras not only bring culprits to book but also save innocent people from cases. CCTV footagesaved a young lecturer in a private college in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district from disgrace but not before the girl's relatives publicly thrashed the lecturer. The unusual episode took place in Kadiri block. A junior intermediate (Plus one) girl did not attend her college last Thursday. As per procedure, the management informed her parents through SMS about her absence. When she returned home late in the evening, her parents questioned her. She complained that her botany lecturer Ramesh Naik had misbehaved with her by driving her to the outskirts of the town, tying her hands and legs, and later dumping her under a railway bridge. She managed to escape and reach home with the help of locals.

The angry parents and relatives of the girl attacked Ramesh, tied him to a tree and beat him black and blue before taking him to the police station on Monday. In the interrogation, Ramesh pleaded innocence and requested the police to check with his college management if he was present in the college on the day. “The college management, all his fellow lecturers and students confirmed to us that Ramesh was present in the college all through the day on Thursday. Then, we called for CCTV footage in which he was seen attending classes, sitting in the staff room and spending time in the office room. He did not leave till the college was over in the evening," Kadiri urban police inspector K Gorantla Madhav told Mirror.

The girl then revealed to the police that she had gone out with a boy. The police admonished the girl and her parents and set everyone free. But the girl’s father in repentance went to the college on Tuesday morning to apologise to the lecturer. The angry lecturers and students detained him for insulting Ramesh, who had a clean image among all. “We sent police to the college to set the father free. We pacified both the parties. We are not registering any case in the interest of the girl’s future," the inspector said.

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