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Random Musings over #Verdict377, role of #Judiciary and #media today...

Random Musings over #Verdict377, role of #Judiciary and #media today...

A landmark verdict today, a few years too late. A verdict overdue in India - especially since India ethos never had any conflict with individual choices in this context ever. A foreign import of morality heaved upon us via the colonisers and contested via Church now - was made into a national shame unnecessarily.

Unfettering personal choice executed in privacy of a bedroom - was long overdue. Good...!

That said - I wish they also mandated that the display of this choice be strictly kept to privacy of bedrooms only. What is deemed as homophobia at large is (IMHO) largely an aversion to the in-your-face over-the-top display of sexuality via Gay pride parades, Gay bars, gay clubs, Gayness on t-shirts to everywhere. Now that parity has been restored thankfully, it should be both ways. Hetro's dont go about parading theirs.

Sexuality & sexual preferences are best kept private...!

However, its amusing the moral high ground #Judiciary has taken today. Actually, laughable...

Taking this 'saviour' mode sermons from SC today needs an extra serving of sambar and chutney on side to digest...!

The Lordships sermonised over an almost 500 page verdict - basically what they could have said in few lines. "We are chicken. We were scared last time. But now since the public mood is different, lets take the credit".

No Justice Indu - History isn't the culprit. Judiciary (and legislative) is... YOU - the hallowed Judiciary upturned a verdict given by then Chief Justice of Delhi HC Justice AP Shah - when he decriminalised it. In your collective wisdom and gauging the mood of the executive and govt of day - you restored the old law within months in 2013. Its also believed that Justice AP Shah forfeited his promotion to Supreme Court on that count - coz his verdict was deemed blasphemous by the brotherhood of Lordships then.

And today you act sanctimonious and sermonise on the society, history, etc.

Frankly - that day in 2013, I wasn't as critical of Judiciary - coz I thought Judiciary was being fair in letting Legislature have its rights back. But the Over enthusiasm this very Judiciary has shown ever since in usurping the rights of Legislature as well as Executive, the moral ground has been long forfeited.

Lastly - about media.

Can't figure where to begin. Are they clueless or are the deliberately clueless? By bringing some random tilakdhari guru whom no one knows as the central man to debate with and bash up, to prove your own liberal credentials - goes only to establish your lack of primary research or a will-full intent to leverage the topic for building own liberal image of the torch bearer of the victimised.

Hinduism has never been in conflict on this issue. There are imbibed confusions - no doubt, owing to over a century of Victorian indoctrination - but there is no religious issue at all.

Unlike the crusaders who were fighting the case in Supreme Court to keep the law intact... one we shall not name.

Media is just a a Pest cashing in on the struggle waged by LGBT... who will next day be busy again making comic videos stereotyping and mocking the same LGBT...

And on that note, if you indeed are the torch bearers of the victimised - the fact remains that 377 was a dysfunctional law, with it rarely having been used.

Today there are definitely hundred times more real victims of misuse of 498A, IT-66A, SC/ST atrocities act, fake molestation and rape charges - languishing behind bars - on account of BAD LAWS. And this SC won't care move an inch - coz those are not in public mood yet. After all, there is no hero-worship to be won there yet.

(still risking saying all this - coz SC recently said "Dissent is the safety vale of Democracy"... and I presume that expiry date on that proclamation hasnt passed yet...!)

Source, from the author author Sidharth Bhan's Facebook timeline here.

Image via Kisspng

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