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This is why #Nota4Men...

This is why #Nota4Men...

Repeat with me: 1) BJP stands for Integral Humanism promoted by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay 2) It is a pro- Hindu pro-development party

Japleen Pasricha is the founder of Feminism in India. Maneka Gandhi felicitates her for the anti-male communist-Islamists agenda that she's promoting. Integral Humanism is nowhere in sight.

This is why #Nota4Men...

Imagine a party that:

1) Admits in Parliament that boys drop out rate is higher than girls, yet exclusively works for girls education #BetiPadhao 2) Strengthens terrorists through legislation - legal terrorists - by giving them more power to destroy the lives of NRI men by canceling their passports when they are in a foreign land and are facing false cases. 3) Which has a minister that makes extortion of men easier by asking the judiciary to openly be biased in cases of maintenance! 4) Snatches the last connection of desperate father's with their alienated kids, by removing their names from their children's identities.

Should men vote such a party?

In fact, they claim to be pro-family but: (i) Decriminalized adultery for the paramour of wife (ii) Worked to dismantle provision of Restitution of Conjugal Rights

Accepted that Courts are doing these, but BJP continued to sit on it's palms on these issues.

Instead of doing what's popular, we choose to do what's right. We refuse to be collateral damage for incompetencies of political parties. When we're already living on the fringes of society - forgotten, neglected, ignored - then we can't be used as fodder to destroy us further.

This is why #Nota4Men

Originally posted on Amit Deshpande's Facebook timeline here

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