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Leftist media and Satyagrah

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

While we were on our Satyagrah at Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi, on 3rd of March, numerous media persons reached and covered our protest. Several leftist media persons were also there and one of them released a video coverage of our Satyagrah on their YouTube channel. Even though the video is genuine and not at all fabricated, but the way selection and editing of clips is done, it shows that it's done only and only to fulfill their leftist agenda.

Since the selected portions used in the video talks only of misuse, let's not talk of that. On the contrary, would prefer to share some facts for the wrongly fed gynocentric Indian society.

If we talk of the welfare of the children, India has the largest number of school dropout children in the world, and out of all the school dropout children in India, a large majority is that of boys. As per surveys, the reason for this large number of boys leaving school is 'livelihood', but the Government of India is only interested in beti-bachao-beti-padhao. Today, even a minor child is a victim of deep-rooted misandry in society, just because he is a male child.

India is the only country where, as per law, a boy, a girl, a woman can be Raped but a Man cannot be raped. As per the report of the only available survey data from Government of India (Study of Child Sexual Abuse) was done in 2007, out of 100 children sexually abused in India, 53% are boys (i.e. less than 18 years of age); the same report also shows that out of 100 young adults (18-24 years) being sexually abused in India, 68+% are males. Just imagine who may have got the benefit of not doing this survey again for the past 11 years.

So a country which has a higher percentage of male rape, rape law is biased against men. To top it, Rape Law Ordinance of 2018 made boys as easier prey as only in case of girl rape death penalty is there. For boys, punishment is lesser. How many here support this gender bias even for children?

Coming to the Sexual Harassment at Workplace. As per the only available Workplace Harassment Survey (ET-Synovate), out of the people experiencing Sexual harassment at Workplace, 68% are Men - 32% are Women.

When the Workplace Harassment Act (Act was for Women only and not men who are 78% of the workforce) was being made, the Law Makers had asked National Commission for Women (since there is no such body for Men) to do a survey on Male Harassment within 1 year so that the Law can be made Gender Neutral. Now it's 2019, and no report has been submitted back to the Government yet.

Still am not sharing anything on the misuse of gender-biased laws, which I can substantiate further if someone needs.

It's high time that not only sold & biased media, but society at large and government too must understand that men are an important and critical segment of society and have no representation in the law-making process of India. While gender-based Laws are discussed or drafted, only women-centric NCW and WCD Ministry are asked for inputs while the concerns and issues faced by men go unheard. National Commission for Men is, therefore, an immediate need of the hour to address the problems and concerns of men.

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