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No confusion, only NOTA

This is why #Nota4Men...

When the constitution was being created and a biased clause was allowed to have special provision for women, our grandparents and men of this country did not object and allowed the same policy makers to continue in power.

When the reservation laws were created for girls and better performing boys could not get admission in their preferred education institute the people of this country ignored the discrimination and still voted for the same biased politicians.

Not just education, but even when reservation was allowed for women in the jobs the voters followed the herd mentality and continued to vote without thinking of the deserving poor males who lost opportunity due to flawed provisions.

Even when the anti men dowry law was passed the male voters were oblivious to the trap being set against them and supported the government in their agenda to garner votes at the cost of men. Though men were already getting trapped and extorted by the existing laws our parents and grandparents did not object to adding more sick provisions to increase extortion and harassment of the Indian Males. They kept voting for the anti male policy makers.

The suicide rate of men kept increasing, but the feminists still kept demanding more anti men provisions. The biased Sexual harassment law was passed. It further ruined the pitiable state of men's rights in India. But our grandparents, our parents and we too still voted for politicians based on their claims of how they will improve the situation of the nation and women.

Unemployment of men kept increasing, the death rate of men stayed higher than women, Violent crime against men never decreased, life span of men was low. But still all of us voted to the same hypocrites who told us they will improve the nation and safety for women and bring more policies for improving the women's life (at a cost of men).

For 70 years, our grandparents, our parents and till date even we have been voting for everything except men's rights, men's well being. Many of us have been through or seen the suffering of men. So if we still keep doing what all did for 70 years we cannot expect any improvement in life of men.

Common sense says that if you keep giving the same input you cannot expect a change in the output. So we need to stop wasting our votes on the politicians who don't give any importance to male lives.

Since Male lives matter for us, let us take a pledge that we will vote only to the party that talks of men's rights or else we will vote for NOTA.

Don't do the mistake that all have been doing since 70 years.

This time it has to have a stand that it's...

Either Men's Rights Or NOTA

Originally published at author's blog here

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