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#MeToo, the Digital Mob Lynching tool, attacks CJI

#MeToo, the Digital Mob Lynching tool, attacks CJI

Daaman respects the court of law and strongly believe that a person is innocent unless proven guilty. Having said that, we also know that more often than ever before Men in India are made to face the wrath of feminism as cruelly planned days from destiny, where every man finds himself alone even at the top of the power hierarchy, similar to CJI today.

Today, we take this opportunity to urge CJI, Justice Ranjan Gogoi to correct the unfair Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law, which was created by the Supreme Court itself.

We support Justice Ranjan Gogoi in his trying times and since he is innocent unless proven guilty, he should continue his work in court, so should others too who get implicated in such allegations. Justice Ganguly resigned after he was implicated in an SHWP setting a wrong president, which actually became an unnecessary and unworthy touchstone of morality that lead to ruining careers of many falsely implicated, apart from adding to the number of suicides of innocent Men. Such irresponsible presidents just to boost self moral also shouldn't be repeated anymore.

Hence, we strongly urge the media and the general public to be sensitive towards any person who is already going through a difficult period and avoid making any judgements till this case goes through a fair trial. The person is innocent till proven guilty, to be respected, should not be punished or stripped of his job or forced to resign on mere allegation.

Also we appeal to Supreme Court of India and Mr. Ranjan Gogoi instead of crying foul, please take the corrective action and issue immediate necessary guidelines for all such cases, mere allegation of sexual harassment can’t be a right to deprive a man from his constitutional Right of Live and Liberty provided by Constitution under Article 21.

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