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#MeToo vs #MiLord

#MeToo vs #MiLord

Terminated from job, a female colleague, can easily save her job and even seek revenge, is a well known use of the “Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace” (POSH) act. We very carefully calls it as a “Use” and not “Misuse” because the law itself was drafted and the law making process was intended for putting men at workplace under severe pressure, constant threat and finally to destroy the professional and personal lives of Men. This time, none other than the Chief Justice of India, is in the line of fire of “USE” of POSH.

Firstly, an ill-intentioned law is made under feminist pressure and then social media, fame seeking, movements like #MeToo get down to the levels on #DigitalMobLynching of accused men with complete disregard to even the process of such ill-intentioned laws.

Parent movement of Men's Rights in India, Save Indian Family (SIF), had represented and opposed making of another Gender Biased Law i.e. POSH. We had highlighted the evils of the way this law was, anticipated by us, of its “USE”. This law, like other Gender Biased Laws, don’t have the term “accused” at all. They only make men “convicts” on mere allegations. The same has happened for even the Chief Justice of India. When the law itself doesn’t show any sense of responsibility, it is for the society and media to show some responsibility and understand the basic premise of “INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY”.

Where as, globally, protection of identity of an accused is a matter of Human Rights, in India, social media platforms are the first ones for quick use and defamation of the whose-who, as long as they are Male Gender. Today, we see the CJI himself being judged by feminists across the social media platforms, ex-parte.

It is high time that India takes the corrective action and make all the Gender Based laws, including POSH, as gender neutral before this Tsunami destroys the country itself. If the laws are not changed, men will start migrating out of India as they are today the easiest prey of being branded as rapist, molester, sexual abuser, Dowry seeker, Cruel etc etc on mere allegations. And they are an easy prey inside their homes, outside on streets and also in their workplace now. Thanks to 49+ Gender Biased Laws of India.

We also request the Hon’ble Supreme Court to take corrective actions on such gender biased laws and declare them as Unconstitutional. After all, why should courts take Suo-motto cognizance and change acts, laws or make them null-n-void only when it is about women. Don’t men have a right to live with sense of safety, security? Arent men part of Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

We have also been demanding formation of a National Commission for Men so that the law making process is not biased, as it is today with only NCW and WCD Ministry being asked about their opinion on laws. This is the same grave injustice which was done while making POSH. Also, the standing committee had asked for a survey report on sexual harassment of males at workplace but that report also was never presented. And all this when the ET-Synovate survey of 2010 clearly showed that over 44% of perpetrators of sexual harassment at workplace were females.

Originally published at author's blog here.

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