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11th National Conference on Men's Issues

Men's Rights Movement is not just limited to #FakeCases on Men. Even though it continues to be one of the core issues men in general face, it is more to get back their Constitutional Right of Article 21, to get back life and liberty with dignity snatched away by Lawmakers, #MiLord of Judiciary, Misandry in Society and media!

Today mere allegation by any women against innocent man, no matter how old, can get the man behind bars, forced to resign and even when they prove their innocence in court after a long legal battle, there's no support system existing to get their life back to normal, with dignity!

12 years Back when First National Conference was organized in Goa, numerous men were on the verge of committing suicide due to #LegalTerrorism and showered injustice on them under the garb of gender biased laws! But, with SIF, as volunteers and activists, they took an oath and found new hope for life, "Nooooo...! We will not end our lives like this, instead taken re-birth as commando for Men Right Movements, will fight till last breath and be prepared even to take the bullet from the front or to be hanged in front of India Gate!"

My best wishes to all representative of SIF-aligned NGOs, who are going to participate this year's National Meet and an appeal to prepare a road map to further help millions of abused/distressed Men in India, so that they too can find a new Ray of Hope for their Lives!

Every Man can be a Victim of injustice in India, but every Victim can't be an MRA!

To be an MRA is not like a certificate that you get from someone, it has to be earned by your misandry free actions, a thought process to respect men and a strong belief in the ideology of natural Justice - A person is innocent unless Proven Guilty!

Originally published at author's blog here.

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