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Adjusting to reality - Sr Adv KTS Tulsi introduces bill in RS to make sexual crimes Gender Neutral

Adjusting to reality - Adv K T S Tulsi

Influenced by the identity politics, positioned as part and parcel of the wicked movement of 'feminism', that not only seeks to punish men en masses, but also smearing men with the claimed past deeds as #MeToo; politicians so far, by making laws gender biased, gave cover to those who choose gender as a determination of strong or week, good or bad, right or wrong, and 'Rapist' and 'Victim'.

Till now, by keeping men constantly under the hammer of wretched power of misguided, false, fabricated accusations and outright lies, unscrupulous people have succeeded in wreaking havoc on innocent men to the extent of compelling them to commit suicide.

But, the reality refuses to agree with the crumbled views and scenarios that were being displayed.

So now, adjusting to reality, Rajya Sabha member and senior advocate Shri. K T S Tulsi has introduced a private member bill in the upper house for amending the Indian Penal Code to make sexual crimes under it gender neutral.

Last year, his NGO 'Criminal Justice Society of India' had moved a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking a declaration that provisions dealing with sexual crimes apply to every person alike without gender discrimination, but then, even after observing that there was merit in the petition, declined interference on the ground that it was a matter for the legislature to examine.

We wish Shri. K T S Tulsi and Men in India, all the best, and hope that the government and the other parliamentarians would rise above the party politics and without getting influenced by miserable hollow feminism, will support the bill and ensure justice for men too.

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