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Matured to have 377 & 497 scrapped but not enough to have gender-neutral laws?

Matured to have 377 & 497 scrapped but not enough to have gender-neutral laws

On 15/07/2019, TOI published an editorial titled 'Our society needs to reach that level of maturity for laws to be made more gender neutral', wherein retired justice Mridula Bhatkar, after admitting and accepting the misuse all the gender-biased laws like 498A, DV or 376, expressed her opinion that our society needs to attain maturity for laws to be made more gender-neutral!

Does she mean that our society has reached that level of maturity in case of repealing 377 and 497 if IPC? Hypocrites!

I very respectfully disagree with her gynocentric, pro-prosecution, anti-men views and statements. NCRB statistics coupled with daily news of misuse of gender-biased laws speaks loud and clear what the country actually needs.

Or, if she wants to see numerous more men lose careers, lead distressed life or commit suicides, to check the 'maturity of society' to her satisfaction, she should have clarified!

She gives excuses for all the instances where these gender biased laws are misused and try to justify all gender biased laws under the shadow of Article 15(3), ignoring Article 14 and 21.

While blaming 'patriarchal society', 'dowry' and 'domestic violence', she refers to the women in the burn ward and claims that there more women victims in burns ward than men victims, without any data to support her claim.

For her, the statistics shared by NCRB or even the observations made by various courts from time to time don't make any sense.

Wonder, what's the desired level of maturity she wants in society, but, this is once more evident that the current collegium system must go so that the courts in India too have worthy, unbiased and neutral judges to ensure justice to the common man.


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