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#TripleTalaqBill - Pivotal Moments

#TripleTalaqBill - Pivotal Moments

With #TripleTalaqBill clearing Lok Sabha for the 3rd time; with the changing circumstances in 'gender politics' and especially with what we've learned along the way in the Men's Rights Movement so far, it can be very well be accessed that these are the pivotal moments for a large majority in India. All the:

  • Gynocentric people and manginas who are celebrating #TripleTalakBill

  • Non-muslims who are under an impression that it's just for Muslims and considering themselves to be safe that you won't be jailed for a wrong petition of divorce, or

  • Those who even after understanding the consequences are not opposing and trying to attain the peace found in silence

important for you to keep in mind is that #IrBM under the garb of #UCC is coming just for you to add to the havoc showered by #498, #DV and other gender-biased laws.

Am afraid here! Not necessarily my fear is linked to me being implicated or jailed in a false case of gender-biased laws, but, with growing gynocentrism in government policies, am fearful for the survival of the future generations which includes my own loved ones too. So, please exercise better judgment.

To understand the relation between Triple Talaq Bill, IrBM and UCC, please visit any of our weekly meetings across India.

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