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Pind Daan of Toxic Feminism

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

PRESS RELEASE - Date: 22nd September 2019

Venue: Bhairon Ghat, Kanpur from 11 am to 2 pm

Pind Daan of Toxic Feminism

Members of Daaman Welfare Trust organized PindDaan of Toxic Feminism on September 22nd 2019 at Bhairon Ghat. This is part of the Nation-wide initiative being undertaken simultaneously at around 50 locations at same time & day.

What Radical Feminism has preached is that women should be ashamed of agreeing with their biology and their psychological/physiological makeup and pursue mightily things that go against their very nature. That's why, this toxic Feminism doesn't believe in taking an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth. It believes that any soft or justified parity would make it nearly puke, so, it demands an eye for a tooth, and a life for an eye.

Toxic Feminism, the feminism which instead of Equality for all, pushes for gynocentrism - female dominance and discrimination against men shouldn't exist and no rational person would support it. Today we are performing #PindDaan of this Radical & Toxic Feminism.

Why this form of PindDaan?

PindDaan is usually done for ancestors and relatives who're no more alive or believed to be no more alive. It is done after death of a person or if a person is untraceable for long. It signifies that the one who is dead is free from material world and on their journey towards moksha. More importantly, it is a therapeutic ritual, bringing closure to the person performing it. It frees the one performing it from the relationship that they held with the deceased.

We've got lot of men who faced the burnt of feminism; senior citizens with devastated families, innocents jailed under false rape charges, fathers separated from their beloved offsprings, husbands separated or divorced from their wives. Most of them carry a dead corpse of their relationships with toxic feminists, only because the courts delay in giving justice or judgements. Some people even after divorce are not able to emotionally accept that the relationship is over for good. These men are perplexed to see their marriages being broken for no fault of theirs. They dream about a family all their lives and suddenly are pushed into false criminal and civil cases because the girl couldn't adjust to new responsibilities or wanted to marry someone else or just plainly lost interest in the marriage.

For men, who had seen marriage as a long lasting relationship, but which ended abruptly, the act of PindDaan helps like a catharsis. They had considered that marriages are for life, but also know they kept their commitment. The ritual acts like a mental accounting trick like New Year resolutions work, setting them free from their past, to begin life on a new slate.

We've had situations wherein a father, disagreeing over the choice of his daughter’s partner, does her PindDaan, considering she's dead for him and the relationship is over. Also it's not rare that, a brother could do his alive brother's PindDaan if they are in a dispute announcing he's dead for him.

Similarly, these husbands will do their wives PindDaan, signifying an end to their relationship. It has a cathartic effect of liberating these men who want to move on in life from toxic relationships.

We're want Toxic Feminism, the feminism which instead of Equality for all, pushes for gynocentrism - female dominance and discrimination against men, to be dead. So PindDaan of Toxic Feminism is done today.

Does this have any religious significance or has sanction from scriptures?

This is more a therapeutic ritual than a religious one. In any case, we should remember that Hindu religion doesn't sanction divorce too. These men feel their relationships are over only legally, not as per the religious scriptures. So for such people, this act will be a moment of transition that allows them to start afresh, irrespective of it's significance through the scriptures.

Is this against anyone?

This is only to help men, not directed against anyone. Ideally, toxic form of feminism shouldn't exist and no rational person would support it.

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