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Welcome to Ram Rajya in Kalyug

Bharat in Kalyug, with a highly Gynocentric, influenced by a cunning ploy by Left's Feminism, Right-wingers' confused government & society, is the most dangerous place for Men. There are numerous hazards including traps that most men are not even aware of.

Women expect all Men to be like Ram, but expecting them to be loyal like Sita is 'Domestic Violence' & 'Toxic Patriarchy' they claim!

Women demand loyalty and consistency from Men, but they forget that to get that loyalty, you have to be loyal too.

Ironically, loyalty is something men give regardless of what they get back, and in doing so, they're hardly reciprocated with loyalty; and out of this non-reciprocal behavior, flow other great difficulties which not only damage the mutual relations but also affect the society at large.

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