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Ever heard a mother leaving child custody for the child's welfare?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Ever heard a mother leaving child custody for the child's welfare?

Family courts' records in our country and experience we gathered handling Helpline for Men in India 8882-498-498 show that an ever-increasing large number of marriages end up in divorce! Out of all the married couples who stay together, how many are happily married? Even though the stats aren’t clear on that, but no matter how many they may be, they're not any majority.

The Bitter Truth

From the experience of various fathers contesting court cases to get child's custody it's disheartening to learn that more often than not, fathers are their children are harassed to the extent that father gives up their right to child's custody just in order to save the innocent child being harassed by their mothers any further. Fathers crush their love and affection for their child just for the welfare of their beloved offspring.

In case the child is with the father and the mother seeks custody of the child, no matter how much the child cries or how big a blow happens to the father, courts transfer custody to the mother almost instantly.

Be it, either way, courts only shout loud about the well-being and welfare of children and are least concerned about the parental alienation syndrome the children go through after they are denied the right to have access to their father. Shared parenting in our country is still a distant dream.

God knows which yardstick government or court relies on that says a father's love and affection towards his child is even a single point inferior to that of a mother!

The Scenario

With the knowledge and understanding of how the courts treat men in child custody matters, many a time patience is forced upon men, and loads of men are left with no option but to stay in the abusive marriage just “for the kids" since he knows that once the marital dispute reaches court, no stone will be left unturned to anyhow deprive him of even the glimpse of his beloved child! This no doubt causes an unhappy situation to continue, but with this huge emotional traumatic sacrifice on the part of Men, these couples prevent legal dogfight and thereby avoid divorce.

Wonder, when will a father's participation in his offspring's educational, physical and emotional upbringing be considered important for the proper well-being and welfare of the child!

Those couples who are living together and are actually happily married are the most privileged among the married lot.

Does all this mean that marriage isn't meant for every Man? NO!

The Reason

It's just a symptom of the height feminism has reached in our country where laws also now demand men to either develop, adapt and evolve into an ever adjusting, compromising, and sacrificing being, or get extinct. As a result, numerous men who deny giving up their self-respect and living in an abusive marriage, either get entangled in court cases or are compelled to commit suicide.

Such situations are forced upon innocent men by unscrupulous women because they know that feminism so far has succeeded in getting laws in the country enacted in a way that favors only women in every way possible.

The Way Ahead

In order to bring improvement in the current situation for the betterment of the society and for the future generations, no doubt Save Indian Family Movement along with it's allied NGOs is doing a commendable job but is that alone sufficient?

In my opinion, even the happily married privileged people too should understand and join our fight against the ways feminism adopts to demolish the institution of marriage & the family system and worry for their own future generations.

Manginas those who are thrilled by the success of feminism so far, must not forget their ruing time isn't too far either.

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