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Save Men, speak up for the rights of innocent Men

Save Men, speak up for the rights of innocent Men

In a scenario where around 80% of rape cases in the country are false, and for those convicted even, very often we get to listen that so and so rape convict is acquitted Hon'ble High Courts or Apex Court after languishing in jail for so many years; where we have witnessed instances that convicts getting acquitted after they've finished their sentence; people celebrating killing of accused in the name of encounter prove our country, a country of emotional fools, which political parties, feminists, law enforcing agencies and media feminists take advantage of!

Message for those celebrating is that if you celebrate killing someone just on accusation, remember, tomorrow it could be anyone’s (including your’s) brother, son, friend, nephew engulfed in a fake case of wrong laws, and for him too bullet will have the right of way!

Beware, just based on media trial our Hon’ble Supreme Court too won’t shy in obliging hollow feminists and send anyone to gallows.

Anupam Dubey


Addressing To all Feminists, Male haters and Mangina…

As per my WhatsApp groups, most of my Friends, most family relatives, and Acquaintances—according to them, “Men are Thrash, Men are Scum, Men are Garbage”!. WOWW brilliant… so evident of HATE!

You support Rape victims, You need Rapist to be hanged or killed... Let's take the current incident: Accused are killed in an Encounter. All applauds and status updates on your phone and social media. But do you care to question, What happened to the Constitutional rights of the Accused??

Hope Jaya Bachchan and all of you are happy…. The blood lust of society is satiated…. All 4 accused rapists killed in an encounter. #HyderabadRape case. What if the 4 men weren't the ones who actually committed the crime??? Did the trial even start??? I know you don't even care about it.

Let's take another incident: A man gets a false rape charge and obviously because it is false, he comes out acquitted after years of fighting in our courts. Do you care about him, his trauma he had been through being jailed, mental trauma, etc??? Do you care to know how society treats him even today?

Why don’t you support False Rape accusers to be Hanged or killed? Why aren’t there any hashtags or trends about such incidents from you all?

90000 Men committed suicide as per NCRB in 2017 which is 3 times more than dowry deaths. Did you care to support them??

What is your contribution to save the lives of such Men who end their lives because of: Harassment from Women at the workplace? Harassment from Wife? Domestic violence on a husband by the wife? As a Father being alienated from his kids by the wife and in-laws? Dozens of False cases filed by his wife?

None of you want to stand by Men or suggest changes in the judicial system. Because you think “Men are Thrash and only a Man commits Rape, violence, etc” and “Women are Saints”

“The tragedy is that with so many false cases and accusations available in some form of evident data, still ‘A MAN is tagged A TRASH!

Well, Brothers, BE CAREFUL. You may be next who will be accused and be killed by the police without any trial. You will be famous & popular as ACCUSED through status updates from your most friends, family relatives, and acquaintances.


Originally published on Nithin Prabhakar Kadam's Facebook timeline here.

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