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Any 'New Year' resolution?

Happy New Year
Happy New Year


The team at Daaman wishes you peace, joy, success, and prosperity throughout the coming year.

Welcoming a New year is not just a celebration, rather it's also the time to reflect upon our achievements and hope that the new year will bring you and the Save Indian Family Movement, continued happiness and success.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we drive forward the development of the Men's Rights Ecosystem, and this is where we need your support even stronger.

We would request all our members and friends to resolve to not let any discrimination against you as a man or any other men go unreported, do not absorb the humiliation you or other men, witness. Men's Rights Movement is a battle for a dignified life and true gender equality and this cannot happen in silence. You must speak out even at the risk of being unheard, but speak out you must.

As SIF-One, we have established the largest helpline against the discrimination that Men face, and which helps men in distress selflessly. But not necessarily every discrimination need our support or help, you may prefer to fight it out on their own, still we would want all of you to speak out against any such discrimination you witness, but please do not absorb it in silence.

Remember, your silence only strengthens leftists' and feminists' resolve to suppress you further.

2019 has certainly been exciting as we strongly continued the fight for gender equality to achieve newer heights in 2020!

And the end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express our best wishes to you.

May your New Year be filled with joy!

Team Daaman



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