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Coronavirus to magnify male suicidal impulses

Updated: May 13, 2020

Survival Of The Fittest
Survival Of The Fittest

While reading an article in the morning today I realized that even during the global health emergency, feminists are up with their hollow propaganda.

Fortunately, the Coronavirus has only one main mutation that we know of, so far, but as evident, the feminist virus appears to have had many.

Due to the very reason that feminism has infiltrated our family culture, the number of its victims is also ever-growing just like the Coronavirus. Victims of feminism include not only husbands, wives, and children but also the grandparents are not immune to the effects of this uncompromising virus as families are torn apart.

With the magnification of the health crisis created by Coronavirus amid our ongoing battle with feminism, the situation has taken a tricky turn wherein the leftists and feminists are not leaving any stone unturned to cash even in these unfortunate circumstances without realizing the fact that the current harsh situation will allow only the 'survival of the fittest'.

Coronavirus - a concern

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the Coronavirus since not much is known about it, it is a new virus, spreads fast, and has the potential to kill people.

It seems to be deadlier than the normal seasonal flu which too kills people in lakhs globally.

The shutting down of non-essential services being adopted worldwide might help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, hence, it will allow time for producing more ventilators and masks apart from setting up new health care facilities. Also, it’ll give more time to the researchers to learn more about the virus and potentially develop some anti-viral drugs.

Why 'Survival of the Fittest'?

The Downturn
The Downturn

With the pandemic taking over everything, there is a possibility of several unseen side effects viz. money that could have been invested in say, medical research or industrial/infrastructure development might end up being utilized to create ventilators, masks and setting up anti-Coronavirus health care facilities globally. Any such situation will slow down the revival of the economies even after the pandemic is over.

Then, shutting down (which is necessary too) a large part of the economy will be dear and is likely to have several side effects that we as a society haven’t dreamt of even.

The deep-rooted gynocentrism in our society that brings up boys with the false misconception that his primary duty is to be the protector & provider of the women and children might force an even larger number of men to commit suicide in case he figures out his failure in performing his ‘primary duties’ owing to the coronavirus-related downturn. Alcoholism, divorces, personal finance issues, and other related problems, even starvation in some cases, that all are typically the by-product of unemployment are likely to follow. And all these have the potential of becoming a catalyst in magnifying male suicidal impulses.

And here, the universal law of 'Survival of the Fittest' will rule.

Feminists, on the other hand, are up with their hollow leftist propaganda as they know that it’s firstly the men in their lives, second, the government that is responsible for their upkeep, health emergency, finances, and security. So, they are free for paddling their propaganda even in these trying times.

Whereas all those who strive for gender neutrality in the true sense, all men who care and fight for the cause of men are on their own only.

It is therefore not a choice but a duty to be among the fittest to survive by defeating any suicidal impulses. So, we request all of you to be strong and please continue taking precautions at this crucial time, until this Coronavirus abates.

Remember, it's only your home that can provide the crucial protection we need for physical health at least.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Healthy

Make sure elderly people and those with underlying illnesses stay home and are taken care of, while the rest of us try social distancing by staying 2 meters if out of home for something essential, wash our hands frequently, get tested and quarantine ourselves quickly.

This too shall pass!



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