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Dear Men, You're Allowed To Be Different

Dear Men, You're Allowed To Be Different, Please Wake Up
You're Allowed To Be Different, Please Wake Up

As per the news articles, Hon'ble Apex Court while passing the judgment in 'Vineeta Sharma Vs Rakesh Sharma and Ors' opined that 'daughters remain, daughters, whereas boys change after the marriage'!

SIF Movement is not about taking something away from someone! Our movement is unique in the sense that it has always asked for equality in rights and duties for everyone, irrespective of gender.

Having said that, though we always support equality, the ideology being followed for achieving this is divisive and is already affecting the social fabric of the country! Pointing this because as we always say, it's a war of perceptions and setting correct narratives; and here once again, under the garb of gynocentrism, the Supreme Court is promoting misandry and supporting an illogical and incorrect leftist & feminist narrative.

We urge the Hon'ble Apex Court to please take care and not pass any general remarks under the influence of leftists and feminists.


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