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Format: Details for Affidavit for Agrarian Deponents (Krishi)

Income Affidavit in Maintenance Case

Details for Affidavit for Agrarian Deponents (Krishi)

  1. The total extent of the rural land/s owned, or the specific shareholding in the same land:

  2. Jamabandis / Mutations to show ownership

  3. Location of the land owned by the party.

  4. Nature of land: whether wetland or dry land.

  5. Whether such land is agricultural land or non-agricultural land:

  6. Nature of agriculture/horticulture:

  7. Nature of crops cultivated during the year:

  8. If rural land is not cultivable, whether the same is being used for business, leasing or other activity :

  9. Income generated during the past 3 years from the land.

  10. Whether any land is taken on lease /battai (or any other term used for a lease in the local area of the concerned jurisdiction where rural /agricultural land is located.)

  11. (a) Whether the owner of any livestock, such as buffaloes, cows, goats, cattle, poultry, fishery, beekeeping, piggery etc., the number thereof and Income generated therefrom? (b) Whether engaged in dairy farming, poultry, fish farming or any other livestock activity.

  12. Loans, if any obtained against the land. Furnish details of such loans.

  13. Any other sources of income:

  14. Liabilities, if any

  15. Any other relevant information:



  1. I declare that I have made full and accurate disclosure of my income, expenditure, assets and liabilities from all sources. I further declare that I have no assets, income, expenditure and liabilities other than as stated in this affidavit.

  2. I undertake to inform this Court immediately with respect to any material change in my employment, assets, income, expenses or any other information included in this affidavit.

  3. I understand that any false statement in this affidavit, apart from being contempt of Court, may constitute an offence under Section 199 read with Sections 191 and 193 of the Indian Penal Code punishable with imprisonment up to seven years and fine, and Section 209 of Indian Penal Code punishable with imprisonment up to two years and fine. I have read and understood Sections 191, 193, 199, and 209 of the Indian Penal Code,1860.




Verified at _______________ on this _______________ day of _______________ that the contents of the above affidavit are true to my personal knowledge, no part of it is false and nothing material has been concealed therefrom. I further verify that the copies of the documents filed along with the affidavit are the copies of the originals.



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