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"Happy Republic Day" - Don't reduce to just a custom

Republic Day January 26

India was Chanakya’s sone ki chidiya, so-called patriarchal Bharat that we even today strive to evolve to attain that height!

In that patriarchal Bharat, when men wrote literature, they made a woman into a goddess.

Then, after a series of foreign Islamic invasions for centuries, lastly, Bharat was a colony of British for over 200 years and finally became independent from the rule of British Raj following the Indian independence movement.

The Constitution of India

It was on November 26th, 1949, when we adopted, enacted and gave ourselves the Constitution of India! Our Constitution is not just a document or any contract that promises freedom, justice, liberty and equality to us citizens, but it’s the guiding principle which is meant to take the country to the new heights of wellbeing and success. But, do Men in India have the type of freedom, justice or liberty as envisioned in our constitution?

The Constitution of India

On the occasion of 72nd Republic Day, amidst the pandemic, it’s time to introspect to reflect on our social fabric and family system, considering the wide-scale gender politics being encouraged by the government.

In any Republic, the idea of res publica is to have a form of government in which elected representatives constitutionally practice democratic powers.

Even though the powers enshrined on the government are constitutionally restricted to enable citizens freedom, justice, equality and liberty rather than just obey the government, but the fact is that our country is witnessing large scale misandry and an upward trend in feminism and leftist outbursts. Questioning the feminists and government-sponsored misandry is termed misogyny and the whole of the social fabric is tarnished.

The Devolution

The current state of the country is such that we are moving from “for, of, by the people” to a state where both government and judiciary have forgotten the gender-neutral 'people', rather, inverting, dissecting, compartmentalizing, and segregating, acts prioritising gender only, ignoring the issues men face! Encouraging and promoting gynocentrism and misandry even further, government and judiciary conveniently ignore Article 14, Article 15(1) and 21 of The Constitution of India concerning men and as a result, the pattern of allowing women’s violence towards men and just checking men’s violence towards women has become a norm while enacting discriminatory and biased laws against men.

In Chanakya's so-called patriarchal Bharat, when men wrote literature, they made a woman into a goddess. And today, in Republic of India, when feminists constitutionally write literature, they make a man into a demon.

We sincerely hope that the government wakes up and stops ignoring Article 14, 15(1) and 21 of the Constitution of India under the shadow of Article 15(3), and controls misandry which adversely affects even the Men in uniform.

Let's make sure that wishing "Happy Republic Day" is not reduced to just a custom!


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