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International Men’s Day - 2019

International Men's Day
International Men's Day

Today, on the occasion of International Men's Day, Daman Welfare Trust organized a celebration in honor of men who positively influenced society & the world and inspired people as role models. In addition, Daaman also organized an awareness campaign about the issues that adversely affect the lives of men.

Today, when the hollow feminism is painting the entire male gender in a negative light and under it's influence, government's ever-growing unjustifiable inclination towards a specific gender under the shadow of Article 15(3), ignoring Article 14, 15(1) and 21 of the Constitution of India, there is no denying that there are many human rights issues that uniquely or disproportionately affect men!

Our so-called male-dominated, patriarchal society very safely believes that men have all the rights, power and privileges, as much as it ignores to accept and address the issues which concern men.

Therefore, in our country that witnesses around 95000 male suicides each year, needs a government body like National Commission for Men to address various issues related to men; including, but not limited to the issues like, men have lower life expectancy than women, the suicide rate of men is almost three times that of women, number of school dropout boys is more than double the number of girls, lack of awareness in prostate cancer, most of the workplace deaths are males, men are the most homeless, issues of senior citizens, mental health of men, no budgetary provision for men, paternity fraud affected men only, infant male genital mutilation, war deaths overwhelmingly men, once a woman gets pregnant even acidently, the man has no judicial choice in giving birth or not giving the child, gender discrimination in provisions and laws, no legal provision or forum for men who are victims of domestic violence, harassment and sexual exploitation, abundance of false cases of domestic violence, harassment and sexual exploitation against men, severe inequality in cases of child custody/child support, Criminal court bias/Misandry, sentencing disparity on gender grounds.

Apart from the people from various sections of the society, the following persons participated in the program:

Anupam Dubey, Manish Shrivastav, Dheeraj Rajpal, Ajay Chakravarty, Satish Dixit etc.



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