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NCW - Consistent even during the global health emergency

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

NCW - Consistent even during the global health emergency
Father carrying daughter on his shoulder

It has been around two months now since the whole of the country is exploring and understanding the ways to keep oneself safe and fight out the Coronavirus pandemic that threatens the whole of humanity. Also, it’s been around 7 days today that the whole of the country is under lockdown.

A lot has changed in the society in the last 10-15 days, the focus has entirely shifted from individual safety and security to the objective of society’s security, be it physical, financial or psychological.

In these situations, the first question that comes to mind is that why don’t the society focus on these humanitarian aspects before the threat of our lives forced us to? Secondly, can anyone name a person or organization that even in these hard times of health emergency is not shedding inherent cruelness and trying to continue with its agenda?

It’s none other than the National Commission for Women (NCW), so-called custodian and torchbearer for women’s rights in the country. NCW has proved consistency even during the global health emergency. Here’s how!

NCW issued a statement for a particular gender & against the other gender, at a time when the COVID19 virus threatens humanity as a whole. In the statement, NCW has tried to segue several hoaxes in one go.

Let us understand them:

Women are considered prime caregivers for their children; hence, school closures result in added stress to them. It has increased their burden and affects their mental health. - NCW

Deliberately ignoring an important fact that the home is the nursery of the society & the nation, and overturning a theory that's instrumental in driving child custody battles in favor of mothers, a woman is specially designed to nurture the child. Ironically, a constitutional body mentions children as a burden on the mental health of mothers.

If the government thinks NCW is correct, then the child custody laws must immediately be changed to give custody, by default to fathers only as alienating a father is both a Father’s Rights issue as well as a Child’s Rights issue.

It's NCW only that is always at the helm of forming laws that demolish the very fiber of family system.

It's NCW that snatched away the rights of a father in its child’s upbringing.

It's NCW that keeps opposing the very idea of Shared Parenting.

It's NCW that does not let the government of India sign the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Growing depression in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood result from families and society where hollow feminism rules believing only in providing materialistic things to children, not love and affection.

It is in the interest of the society and the nation that the laws defining and underlining motherhood in India be re-written as Children at home are termed as an additional burden on mother, by NCW.

We are also hearing that there is an increasing number of domestic violence complaints and worse it is difficult for them to access institutions such as police at times like these crises. - NCW

Is the NCW trying to suggest that the increased activity since children are not going to school and staying at home is also equivalent to committing domestic violence?

Even if otherwise! NCW is deliberately ignoring the fact that at this time of stress on economy and businesses, numerous men are losing livelihood and coming under tremendous financial burden, bringing them under huge Economic Violence at homes as they daily live under the constant demands of their wives.

NCW is intentionally overlooking that global studies have shown that men are more susceptible to Domestic Violence at the hands of their female counterparts. Some studies also put Indian wives on 3rd rank globally in beating their Husbands.

With men being forced not to step out of homes, sexual violence on men is on a rise. As per the news report from The Print, there is an increase in traffic of “Porn for Women” during this lockdown.

In every situation, men are at the receiving end but they do not have even a single forum or platform where they can register their grievances.

Pregnant women and women who need special care are also facing difficulty and in accessing health facilities. - NCW

In the current time when Social Distancing and Lockdown kind of severe measures are implemented to save the Human Race, NCW, with a complete bias in their eyes, is concerned only about the accessibility of medical facilities for 'pregnant women and women who need special care'.

Did NCW ask themselves if children and senior citizens needing medical attention are getting any special facility which women are not getting?

Women are predominantly frontline workers in the form of paramedic staff. All women and men need safety equipment alike but there is also a need to provide an uninterrupted supply of feminine hygiene products to these women. - NCW

While we have huge respect and appreciation for the frontline fighters who are working round the clock to save humans from the current pandemic, NCW has come up with yet another hoax that women are predominantly frontline fighters in paramedic staff. Replacing humanity with feminism stooping to the lowest possible levels in such challenging times.

The Frontline Fighters include the Medics, Paramedics, Doctors, Ambulance Drivers, Ward Boys, Screening Staff, Commercials drivers for essential services, Police force ensuring lockdown, NDRF teams working round the clock, Delivery boys working on making life smoother in these hard times, and other numerous such Heroes. While the term Heroes doesn’t differentiate in Gender, NCW does.

Migrant women workers will be the worst-hit financially. Given women from the biggest share in the unorganized sector, there are meagre chances of them getting their wages without work or any social security to fall upon suggestions. - NCW

Female Migrant Workers is an oxymoron that they only taught the world when NCW kept telling the world that women are not part of the workforce.

Their own “managed” reports talked about women not being part of the workforce and today, when 1000s of men (with or without families) are fighting for their survival by walking 100s of KMS to reach their villages, NCW is giving birth to the very category of Female Workers, which as per them has never existed.

If these people facing the exodus issue, indeed are women workers, NCW is contradicting its stand that women are not part of the workforce.

Frontline women workers need to be the priority for the Government's action and provision of needed resources. - NCW

As per the current FACT about Deaths by COVID19, globally, men are more likely to die since the infection rate among men and women is the same, whereas the death rate among men is 2.8% compared with 1.7% for women.

Men are dying more while NCW, demands the government to prioritize based on gender.

The central government has already asked States to transfer to construction workers via DBT. About 52,000 crores are available as cess fund. This highlights the importance of bank and Aadhaar linkage for the provision of government services in critical times like this. - NCW

Ironically, the feminist organization that was found guilty of transferring 90% of its funds to fake NGOs, is advising about funds allocation now.

Sadly, no action has been taken against them for such corruption looting hard-earned money of Indian Tax Payers.

It is important that the sharing of domestic chores is undertaken in a family both for the physical and mental health of women. It is a critical time for children to learn some life skills and for men to treat household chores not just a woman’s job. - NCW

In the current scenario, till the government didn’t force them to stay home, men were taking a huge risk on their lives by going out for work, for purchasing groceries, for every other work. They carried the biggest threat to their lives because of COVID19, as clearly visible from death statistics too.

At home, while the Employers are expecting men to Work From Home, Men are expected by their Wives to Work FOR home.

Still, organizations like NCW come forward to defame men more while Employers are taking the harsh decision of issuing pink slips to men. In both cases, it is men who are at the receiving end.

We urge the government of India to scrap the morally corrupt and meaningless organisation, NCW, that paddles hoaxes and propagandas to create a divide in the society.

Since NCW is not leaving any stone unturned to harass men, we suggest these innocent men feel free to call our helpline 8882-498-498, single helpline for men in distress in India.

Let us come together to #MakeHomeSafe4Men



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