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Patriarchy - Advantageous?

Know the Patriarchy
Know the Patriarchy

Someone on Twitter asked Amit Deshpande to name 5 'benefits of patriarchy that women have enjoyed'. Amit beautifully unpacked patriarchy in a Twitter thread!

Amit Deshpande needs no introduction in the Men’s Rights Movement in India. He is a stalwart on men’s rights and the founder of the Vaastav Foundation, Mumbai chapter of the Save Indian Family Movement.

The content of the Twitter thread where he explained the patriarchy is reproduced below.


Well, patriarchy/gynocentrism has meant that men have to play the role of protector/provider while women assume the role of caretaker.

1) This has led to men protecting - even over their own lives - women & children against any threat/ danger. The dangers could be an attack by another animal, humans, opposing army or any natural calamity.

2) Even today 99% of industrial deaths are of men. This is a direct consequence of men being exposed to more risks due to their role of providers, doing riskier jobs as sewage workers, miners, soldiers.

3) The advantage in reproduction that, one man can impregnate many women, led to women being protected more than men, for the continuation of species. Patriarchy/Gynocentrism has set up a system that has emphasized on procreation. Even now conservatives abhor abortion.

4) By default, women being assigned role of caretakers has made them not only be protected but also they are sheltered better compared to men. Men have had to move out of comfort for trade or toiling or soldiering in far off places come rain, come heat or snow.

5) Patriarchy meant men have always been dehumanized off their emotions. A man showing fear or crying is considered as weak. The movie 10000 BC had a character who was a leader of a tribe, he wouldn't even laugh because he wasn't supposed to show any emotions as a leader.

Now men have got the right to laugh & not feel guilty, but there's a long way to be able to cry freely. Such suppression of emotions leads to depression/mental health issues. It reflects in Suicide stats of men. Every 7 mins a man commits suicide in India. Total 90000 men/yr.

6) Women have had the privilege of being more with their kids watching them grow while taking care of them. This has made deep psychological impacts on the way our cultures see the role of mother and father as parents. Mothers are given more value over time, although both have a significant contribution to the child's well being. Men aren't even able to express themselves properly because patriarchy/gynocentrism placed a price on their respect based upon their strengths or weaknesses. This reflects how a father behaves with his child too.

It is vestiges of patriarchy only that even educated, able-bodied, wealthy, working women can allege false allegations and siphon off ransom in the name of alimony even today. Or file false rape/molestation complaints with impunity without fear of being held accountable It reflects even during times of Corona. Why do you think more men have died of #CoronaVirus? Isn't it the higher exposure of men to diverse environments outside the home? What is the proportion of men vs women in #MigrantWorkers? Isn't it due to the role of providers of men?

I haven't touched upon the imbalance in consumerism that has led to women being showered more with jewels/ gold than men. It's due to their proximity to safety vis-a-vis men's probability to risk. Gold with women at home would be safer, as men were supposed to venture out.

Neither have I spoken about disadvantage boys have over girls in terms of facing risk earlier in their lives. But both these aren't universal, so excluded them.


Wonderfully articulated explanation from Amit!

Source Amit Deshpande’s Twitter thread


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