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#PindDaan of #MeToo

#MeToo, that the world thought, is a movement to liberate and give freedom to express, to come out and to break barriers, MeToo when entered the boundaries of India, unleashed new ways of social destruction.

#MeToo, embraced by the feminism, it set it's own rules, own courts and pronounced it's own orders. No evidences, no witnesses, no trials but men were named, shamed, destroyed and digitally brutalized. Some even committed suicide.

A new era of #DigitalMobLynching we called it.

As a symbol of our protest, we declare the death of this evil called #MeToo.

As in India, event the enemies are given the last respect, we cremate and perform the last rites of #MeToo and the ceremony of Pind-daan follows, saying.. stay there with peace MeToo.

An evil that does no good, disrupt peace n harmony, an evil that can only destroy, is a curse to the society and is best to be demolished, buried away… cremated !!

Let's all pray together that the evil doesn't come back, let's all say... RIP #MeToo



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