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Sample Will - most simple format

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Sample Will Format

Affidavit Format for 65b Indian Evidence Act

I, XX son of XX a resident of XX by religion Hindu, born on XX do hereby revoke all my previous Wills (or) Codicils and declare that this is my last Will, which I make on this XX (Date) and at XX (Place)

I appoint XX son of XX and resident of XX to be the executor of this Will.

AND WHEREAS I am possessing assets, movable and immovable properties which are my self-acquired and which were acquired without any detriment to the ancestral property or to the family funds and I have the absolute powers of disposal over the same.

AND WHEREAS I am anxious to make necessary arrangements in respect of the enjoyment of my properties after my life time so that unnecessary misunderstanding and consequential wasteful litigation between the members of my family may be avoided. Therefore, I am executing this last will and testament of mine of my own free will voluntarily without any compulsion or pressure of any person and with a sound disposing mind and declare as follows:

That my estranged/ex-wife XX (nee XX), presently residing at XX has been quarrelling and violent nature and had been physically assaulting me besides abusing me regularly in one pretext or the other, causing me unbearable pain. Despite her various drawbacks I still wanted to improve her with my constant love and affection and made all out efforts along with my different relatives. She instead filed false cases to harass me and my relatives. Accordingly, I bequeath a sum of Rs 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) to my estranged wife XX (nee XX)

I bequeath all my other movable and immovable properties and assets including my House, Land, Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Shares, Demat Account, Mutual Fund, Pension and Provident Fund (both company and Private Provident Fund) to my father XX, son of XX and resident of XX and my mother XX, daughter of XX and resident of XX. All the properties and assets are owned by me. No one else has rights on these properties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I, the above named testator has signed this will hereunder the day and year first written above.



We hereby attest that this Will has been signed by XX as his last Will at XX (Place) on XX in the joint presence of himself and us. The testator is in sound mind and made this Will without any coercion.

Signature of Witness (1)

Name- XX son of XX

Address: XX


Signature of Witness (2)

Name- XX son of XX

Address: XX



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