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Satyagrah for Men

Satyagrah for Men

In India Women have rights, Children have rights, Animals have rights, even Plants have rights. But Men have no rights. We have a ministry for everything, even plants and trees but no Ministry for Men. Breast cancer is a national issue, prostate cancer is not. Dowry death is a social issue but the alarming number of men suicides (~ 95,000 per year) and Husband burning is not. Dowry is illegal, alimony and maintenance is a legally enforceable right. Calling a wife names is Domestic Violence recognised by law, beating and abusing a husband is not.

A women can use 100% of laws in India, a man can only use 90% laws in India.

A man can be accused in 100% of the laws (50 exclusive laws), a woman can be accused only in 90% of the laws.

All this when, Article 15 of the constitution says, "No discrimination in name of Gender".

There is no forum or platform for men to discuss and resolve issues, specific to men. Time has come to talk about true gender equality where the rights and duties of a male are no different than the rights and duties of a female.

Time has come to form a "National Commission for Men", a long held demand of men of the country.

Don't watch this injustice in silence.

If you love your father, brother, son or husband please join Save Indian Family in a peaceful protest on 3rd March 2019 for a peaceful National Protest for formation of a National Commission for Men in Delhi.

Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement is a group of over 40 NGOs across the globe. Since inception, in the year 2005, the group has been helping and supporting harassed men & their families who suffer immensely due to misuse of Gender-Based-Laws (IPC 498A, PWDVA 2005, CrPC 125, Rape Laws, Sexual Harassment at Workplace, etc) and has kept the flag of Men's Rights flying high globally for Indians.

The Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement through its various allied NGOs has so far helped over 10 Lakh families offering free help to such victims through its National Helpline SIF-ONE (888-2-498-498), launched in 2014, and through weekly meetings conducted at several cities across the country. The group has a strong online presence running on a backbone of dozens of blogs and over 16 yahoogroups across the globe.

Save Indian Family appeals to the men and women of the country to come in large numbers and support the cause of Indian men on 3rd March 2019 at 9AM at Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi.



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