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SIF Movement migrated from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups

SIF Movement migrated from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups

Sometimes things go so far that one is compelled to sacrifice even their precious assets to stay in tune with time and circumstances.

Something similar happened with the Save Indian Family Movement’s huge asset, our ‘Yahoo Group’ that helped the movement grow from scratch to the current stage. When it was started, it used to be the only medium for group communication and discussions for activists and the victims of gender bias, seeking help, which wasn’t available anywhere else.

The group had members from all across the country and members there used to communicate and learn a lot for the varied experiences shared by group members.

But, Yahoo has discontinued Yahoo Groups from 15/12/2020, and this is a huge loss to us!

Even though with the change and new technology pouring in, many more group communication facilities and options like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. have come up, but all have some limitation or the other. Some have a limitation on the number of participants, some are not organized for ease of access to the most recent posting, while some does not support the convenience of group posting via e-mail. Therefore SIF Movement has migrated from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups and the transition is in process.

Join SIFMovement's Google Group

The SIF Movement expects that apart from new ones, all the existing Yahoo Group members also will join our new Google Group.

We are coordinating with Yahoo to get our data archive. This we will upload to Google Groups associated Google Drive so as to retain their original message dates.

We apologize for the inconvenience during this transition. The discontinuance of features in Yahoo Groups was a decision by Yahoo and not by the SIF Movement.


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