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The Journey So Far & Challenges Ahead - with Wasif Ali

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

#PurushPaksh is an attempt to understand and document the issues that affect men. It is an initiative of Daaman, a part of the Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) in India.

In the first four-part series, Daaman interviews few renowned Men’s Rights Activists of the country, and unravels the journey so far. From the start of the movement to the challenges and the roadblocks that hit the work, reminisced with the people who have given their life & blood to the cause. The journey so far shines with small achievements and leaves a lot to be done ahead. These activists share their thoughts on the past, present and the future of the MRM.

Episode 4: Wasif Ali, the seasoned activist from Delhi & the man behind SIF One Helpline, reminisces the year 2005 as the watershed year in the movement. People suffering in similar pain of fake cases of IPC 498A came together to build brotherhood strength amongst themselves. Wasif remembers his germane efforts in creating ‘Pariwar Suraksha Sansthan’ and later the formalisation of Save Indian Family at Delhi. Two years ago the Delhi team expanded the scope to Men Welfare by incorporating a Men Welfare Trust. Self-funded and self-support model along with the thought of the organisation being spread over a large number of organisations. Tinkering with the value system of SIF is something which is not acceptable. With MRM becoming permanent phenomena, large numbers of organisations are coming to play in this arena but maintaining separate identities is core to the survival of the movement & cause of men’s rights.


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