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The Journey So Far & Challenges Faced - with Amit Deshpande

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

#PurushPaksh is an attempt to understand and document the issues that affect men. It is an initiative of Daaman, a part of the Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) in India.

In the first four-part series, Daaman interviews few renowned Men’s Rights Activists of the country, and unravels the journey so far. From the start of the movement to the challenges and the roadblocks that hit the work, reminisced with the people who have given their life & blood to the cause. The journey so far shines with small achievements and leaves a lot to be done ahead. These activists share their thoughts on the past, present and the future of the MRM.

Episode 3: Amit Deshpande, The President of Vaastav Foundation shares his journey from a help seeker to the Chapter lead at Mumbai. Very candidly, he opens on the working of Vaastav and the kind of cooperation he gets from all his three units. Funding and human help was never a roadblock to him. He is hopeful of improving the follow-up activities of the organisation.



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