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The Journey So Far - with Swarup Sarkar (first part)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

#PurushPaksh is an attempt to understand and document the issues that affect men. It is an initiative of Daaman, a part of the Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) in India.

In the first four-part series, Daaman interviews few renowned Men’s Rights Activists of the country, and unravels the journey so far. From the start of the movement to the challenges and the roadblocks that hit the work, reminisced with the people who have given their life & blood to the cause. The journey so far shines with small achievements and leaves a lot to be done ahead. These activists share their thoughts on the past, present and the future of the MRM.

Episode 1: In the first of its two parts’ episode, Daaman speaks to Swarup Sarkar, who in conversation with Sachin Agarwal, a Daaman Volunteer, gives the germane thought on the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) in the country. As a founder member of the MRM in India, Swarup Sarkar reveals the where’s and how’s of the movement. Candidly, sharing his thoughts on what it took to successfully sail through the hurdles upstream.

Circa 1983, one Mr. R.P. Chugh, a Supreme Court Lawyers sows the early seeds of formalising the struggle of men, at the behest of false cases of Dowry. Sarkar does not technically accept it as a movement, as the relationship of a client – service provided was existent in that transaction.

The advent of internet and communications technology largely becomes a fertile ground of the spread of the movement. Blogs, to Yahoo Chat Groups and to Yahoo groups – the Save Indian Family gradually grew in its many virtual avatars. In the offline space, its weekly meetings in many cities have been the numero - uno in keeping the fire burning. Sarkar talks about the monetary and human logistics of the organisation, which till date, remains volunteer-driven.


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