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Unequal Burden of War: Where's the effect of Gender Equality in Armed Forces

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Women in Indian Armed Forces
Why Unequal Burden of War on Men?

The Supreme Court issued an interim order permitting women to take the NDA (National Defense Academy) exam, though, for now, the result is subject to final adjudication of the petitions.

[Update 09/09/2021: Women can join NDA, Centre informs Supreme Court]

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ordered the federal government to enable women officers in the armed forces to hold permanent commissions. It is claimed that women were earlier deprived of the permanent commission due to unequal application of fitness standards.

At times, I get the feeling that we're on the verge of becoming a zombie state when some communist ideologist appears with a petition claiming constitutional essential rights. The issue of violation of Articles 14, 15, 16 and 19 of the Constitution by denying eligible and willing female candidates the opportunity to enrol, train, and develop themselves in the NDA into future leaders of the Indian Armed Forces are raised by this petition filed by Kush Kalra seeking permission for women to appear for the NDA exam.

The petition also claims that the categorical exclusion of women from training at the NDA and being commissioned into the Indian Armed Forces as Permanent Commissioned Officers solely on the basis of their gender is a violation of their Fundamental Right to Practice Any Profession and is unjustifiable under the Indian Constitution.

The Inequality - The Bias

Manual Scavenging

When it comes to manual scavenging or working deep underground in coal mines, I'm curious where these folks who profess equality for women hide. Isn't it true that equality isn't desired in any lower-level position?

Man working deep underground in the coal mine

I'm not sure how this "gender equality" is a pressing national requirement at a time when the defence forces are kept on their toes and ready for war? Why would anyone think it would be beneficial in a war?

I have no hesitation in stating that the Supreme Court is swayed by feminists' perverse imaginations in the name of spurious equality. Why should there be distinct medical fitness criteria for men and women in the armed services if gender equality is required? Why shouldn't women be required to be as physically fit as any other member of the armed forces? Why should the government give some flexibility or exception in its policies?

When women are being allowed to get even permanent commission in the armed forces only in the name of women's rights and gender equality, isn't this unfair to men that only they are required to shoulder a disproportionate burden of combating and defending borders the way they have been doing since time immemorial? Why not respect men's rights as well, and offer them a break from battlefields where men account for virtually all of the casualties?

The Scenario

Why don't feminists realise that taking the NDA exam isn't meant to be a way to make individuals feel better about themselves or a tool for achieving so-called gender equality? Its goal is to funnel manpower into the armed forces, which will deal with any situation that arises during a national crisis.

Despite the fact that some women serve in the military with honour, the military is still predominantly male. According to the details shared in response to an RTI, the strength of Women Officers in the Indian Army (less AMC, ADC and MNS) as of 01 July 2020 was 1,672. 85 Women Officers of the Indian Army (less AMC, ADC and MNS) were serving as Permanent Commissioned officers as of 01 Jul 2020.

Why are women officers only commissioned in non-combat streams of the Indian Army when they are granted permanent commissions in the name of gender equality? Why haven't they been tasked with:

  • Armoured Corps

  • Infantry

  • Mechanised Infantry

  • Artillery and Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC)

Women officers are commissioned only in the following non-combat streams of the Indian Army:

  • Signals

  • Engineers

  • Army Aviation

  • Army Air Defence (AAD)

  • Electronics and Mechanical E-Ordnance(EME)

  • Army Service Corps (ASC)

  • Army Ordinance Corps (AOC)

  • Intelligence Corps

  • Judge Advocate General (JAG)

  • Army Education Corps (AEC)

  • AMC (Army Medical Corps)

  • Army Dental Corps (ADC)

  • MNS (Military Nursing Services)


A battlefield is a battlefield, and Honourable judges must recognise that women are not physically capable in the same way that men are. A US Marine Corps study released in 2015 show males move faster. When it comes to firing firearms, men are more precise. They engage targets more rapidly. They are better at overcoming hurdles. They were also excellent at evacuating victims.

Women not being as strong as men, physical capabilities also differ. In comparison to males of the same proportionate body weight, women have a higher percentage of body fat. As a result of fatigue, women would be more likely to be injured than males.

However, for feminists and leftists, raising the voice over women's rights and demanding gender equality is critical, even if it jeopardises the country's security.


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