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Valentine's Day - Be cautious

Be cautious this Valentine's Day
Be cautious this Valentine's Day

We are living in a world that says that India is unsafe for women, even when men don't even have basic laws to turn to. We claim to be a society moving towards egalitarian and equal opportunity, yet our law-makers seem convinced that enacting gender-neutral laws will disturb their women vote bank, cause, women can't commit crimes against men, they claim.

As per the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau, 94% of the 'accused' in rape cases are those who are known to the complainants!

'Rape' is a strategic word today, and it has many shades. In our society, young love very often gets reported as rape in cases of alleged elopement. Barring a few exceptions, the boys in almost all the runaway couples get charged with rape on 'consensual sex'. Plus, there are numerous cases where innocents are implicated in rape charges just to settle personal scores.

Always remember and be cautious, around 90% of total Rape Cases in India are lodged to seek revenge from Men, for broken relationships.



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