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Whom Do You Equate Yourself With? A Criminal or an Innocent and Brave Officer?

Whom Do You Equate Yourself With? A Criminal or an Innocent and Brave Officer?
Make Your Innocence Your Strength, Not Victim Status!

At times I wonder where we are heading to. The mentality that we as a society seems influenced with under the garb of intellectualism and being woke is dangerous, to say the least.

A few months back when Vikas Dubey, a criminal, was killed, we had people outraged almost everywhere on social media. That outrage was against the fact that how can the government crumple upon an accused's rights.

Now again, a few days back an issue came to light that then DSP Shailendra Singh was harassed by the state to an extent that he was made to resign from his job to save his life from the state! His mistake was that acting bravely, he took action against a dreaded criminal. But I don't see any outrage anywhere.

What has happened to us as a society that we find it convenient and woke to equate our rights with the rights of a hardcore criminal, rather than equating with the rights of an honest and brave officer who dared to act against a high profile criminal?

For those who are accused in any of the cases of gender-biased laws, what message are you passing when you equate your rights with those of a known hardcore criminal and create hue and cry when the state acts against him, just because you both are accused in something; and not equating your rights with those of an innocent and brave officer whose rights have been crumpled upon by the state, the same why your rights are being played with? Why you aren’t confident of your innocence?

People accused in cases of gender-biased laws are almost all innocent. But, giving importance to considering oneself only as an accused is symbolic of being in only a victim mentality, which is not good either for own self or the movement; having faith in your innocence not only gives you the strength to fight odds out, but also works as a catalyst for others to follow the path of victory.

Real Point Of Strength Is Your Innocence, Not Your Victim Status!



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