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Why Communists (with Capitalist sponsorship) hate Family, Marriage?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Family & Marriage

As a general understanding, ideologically, communists oppose capitalism, while capitalists oppose communism! Both consider each other evil, and this stands true in political, social, economic or any other sphere where communists see even an inch of space to propagate their divisive and hollow propaganda aiming to create unrest in society.

But, there is also a sphere where both support and strengthen each other, rather, capitalism treats communism as a welcome, necessary evil.

Our friend Karthik shared his views on the issue in his Facebook post, the same is shared below for you all.


Why Communists (with Capitalist sponsorship) hate Family, Marriage?

Family means:

  1. Moral support/counselling by elders- you will not be restless seeking govt help. Counselling as a business cannot grow

  2. Healthcare- First aid, traditional homemade medicine. Government hospital money, plus power is not required for petty treatment (young mothers become anxious nowadays)

  3. Kids Care- Abundant people availability ensures learning and care. Daycare centres (associated programming using visuals) of kids lose business

  4. Business- Joint family runs without much external employees

  5. Financial Support- Support each other. Agree that some might work more. But the head of the family ensures balance. Bank loans are affected

  6. Consumer Tendency- Split homes mean more Construction, TVs, Vehicles, Fridges, ACs...we are destroying the environment and are increasing our debt like in the U.S.

  7. Entertainment- Singles spend more, so they like them

  8. Work- Singles spend more time in the office (may not be productive)

  9. Dispute Resolution Forums- Courts, Lawyers, Police, Feminist's make huge easy money only out of husbands

  10. The last thing- Family is the only place where you give up your time money pleasure willingly and learn to adjust

Am not saying the family system is 100% perfect. We can always improve. There should not be democracy in the family, but people should be able to express and course correction possible.

Young women are the targets to destroy the family system which is the only major contribution to the World. Unless young women realise, we can't save our kids.

Please feel free to post your views here or on Karthik’s timeline!


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