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Why have women become a burden on men?

Why have women become a burden on men?
Why have women become a burden on men?

Yesterday, there was an image forward in my school friend’s group and as intended, the discussion that started after that was really thought-provoking for several gynocentric friends in the group.

The article was published in The Aryavarth Express (Bengaluru), reproducing the same below.


Govt’s policies today are all about institutionalized discrimination of men. Kejriwal Govt in Delhi is giving free bus rides for women while charging full fare to men. Govt had made domestic violence against men legal in India. In fact, judges in courts are forcing men to stay with their abusive wives. Feminists, as usual, are cribbing about violence against women. Taapsee Pannu is acting in a movie called Thappad and Women’s minister Smriti Irani has joined her to blame men, as if no woman perpetuates any domestic violence against her husband. 3 crore Indian men have faced domestic violence.

It's a big myth that men and women are equal. Women are not equal to men. Women are burdens on men. Govt and Courts want women to remain as burdens on men. Every young man who is getting married must understand that as soon as he marries, his wife will be a burden on him. Whether she is educated or uneducated, he has to pay lifelong alimony to her if he and his wife face marital problems. Men in India suffer from biased and women-centric laws and pressure from society. From the moment a man marries a woman, he is expected to work hard and provide for the upkeep of the family and kids, including buying or renting a house, paying for school, groceries, medicines and all kinds of expenses, expecting nothing in return. Additionally, he is in a huge legal risk if the marriage breaks down for any reason. The courts often force him to pay a good portion of his income as lifelong alimony and maintenance to his estranged wife, even if the marriage has lasted only a few days or months and even if he has married again and has a new family or old parents to support. This is why we say that “woman is a burden”.

On the other hand, women face no pressure to work for a living, as they can simply depend on their husbands or their fathers or sons to work and take care of them. In the case of a divorce, only the man gets blamed by society and has to bear the full financial costs. This state of affairs, in fact, fosters a culture of dependency and is harmful to both men and women. It also puts a burden on the economy, as one half of the population has an incentive not to work. The scale of the problem can be judged from the numbers: every year about 500,000 marriages are breaking in India and last year about 125,000 cases were filed under section 498a or anti-dowry law. In the younger age group of 25-35 years, almost 5% of couples are getting divorced now.


Since the actions of the current gynocentric government do not inspire any confidence if we will be heard anytime soon, so Men, choose to be misandry free and shed the tendency of constantly purchasing peace without considering the dear price you pay for nothing.


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