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Why "Men's Issues" remain, when almost always men themselves have been in power?

Colours of Men in Power
The "Colours" of Men in Power

Even in today’s dystopian society we often come across a strong question:

“Why men's issues even remain to be addressed, when never in history have women been in power like men and men have always used this to their advantage?”

It’s said that it has only been women who have been deprived of every right in society because they’ve never been in power, unlike men.

The historical and current facts too suggest that more men have enjoyed powerful positions in policy-making and implementation as compared to women, but, has this ever been of any advantage for men?

Men in Power has all the colours, but none that helps Men!

Advantage Men Have Over Women

Have we ever heard anything from any leading politician or policymaker, irrespective of gender, regarding a disproportionately increasing number of school dropout boys, an ever-increasing number of male suicides, an ever-increasing number of false cases under gender-biased laws, father's access to the child post-separation, a disproportionate number of homeless men, prostate that overtook breast as 'most common cancer', higher rates of victimization of men for many types of violence? Whereas, there's a range of mechanisms and institutions specifically aimed to address women's issues.

Having someone else use power to benefit me can’t be equated with having power myself! Else, even a dictatorship can be called a democracy.

Having said that, it still remains an important question raised often!

One needs to look at it from various perspectives. Take health for instance. Men appear to have more muscle mass and greater height, overall size, and physical strength, but the medical and health demonstrations worldwide in recent times have brought to the fore an underappreciated scientific fact that women have innate biological advantage and Men are the Weaker Sex when it comes to Survival.

Agreed that innate biological advantages that women have are hot human-created. But why we ignore the fact that Parkinson's Disease, ALS, and almost every type of cancer are seen more often in men than in women?

The Policies

Despite all this, our country has a dedicated ministry for women and dedicated commission for women. Keeping women's health and education as a priority, the government (with a large majority of men) even have a program named "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao" (BBBP), and in this scenario, even aware people in power are reluctant to take up the cause of men's health, fearing feminist backlash and women vote bank.

Additionally, the government has programs concerning everything regarding women, from personal hygiene to paid maternity leaves to breast cancer, but nothing comparable for men, even when they face numerous serious issues.

Election manifestos of various political parties, policies and the literature of the government explain how the people who have power are inclined to address women's issues with no comparable efforts for men's issues. On the contrary, all biased policies and literature have encouraged unique standards and measures based only on gender, making hate against men, vengeance, and demonising men a routine; established special gender-based privileges and laws, bypassing merit, in the name of equality.

In today’s, scenario, where political circles and policymakers are ruled by gynocentrism and misandry, saying that men have ever been in an advantageous situation as compared to women, don’t make any sense.


The situation in today's dystopian society isn't going to change anytime soon as the activities of the government does not inspire any confidence. To change the scenario we need even more advocacy and liaisoning covering a wide range of men's issues.



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